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Glasswasher Spares PL35, PL37, PL40, PL45, PL50

and Dishwasher Parts PL50, PL120 Stocked

Download Breakline Machine Parts Diagrams

Click on the above machine to download each parts diagram.


Please use the supplied breakdowns above and once you know which part you require please call us on 01254 888108.


We stock and supply all parts for Breakline and Kromo Glasswashers and Breakline Dishwashers.

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How to Order the Correct Glasswasher and Dishwasher Spare Parts


Please have the following information available when submitting orders and enquiries to ensure we correctly identify the part required:


Cabinet brand or manufacturer

Cabinet Model Number & Serial number (essential for some products)

Full description of part

Part number – where available/applicable

N.B. Some manufacturers model details maybe on the side or back of the cabinet or behind a removable panel.

Required delivery details including contact name, number and location.

We supply parts for any make or model of glasswasher & dishwashers

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